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Social Work


Social workers are trained to provide help to people in need and assist them to manage their problems more effectively. Professional social work is focused on problem solving and change. As such, social workers are positive change agents in society and in the lives of the individuals, families and communities they serve.


They provide case management, counselling, information and referral, outreach and family intervention in the community. They can work with individuals and families in family service centres, children and youth centres, hospitals, hospices and other community/social service agencies.


You can access advertorials or view a TV commercial on social workers. You can also visit the Facebook page to learn more about the social work profession.


What areas do Social Workers contribute to?


Social workers take on specialised roles and assist clients facing challenges with:


Relationship Problems
Family Violence and Abuse
Substance Addiction and Abuse
Family Life Education and Parenting
Child Welfare
Youth Work
Clinical/Mental Health
Disability Issues
Ageing and Eldercare

Are you interested in being a social worker, but not sure you have what it takes?

A social worker needs to have a genuine interest in helping and working with others. They believe in the inherent worth of every human being. Respect for others, commitment, and a strong sense of responsibility are also traits commonly associated with social workers.


How can I become a social worker?

There are many ways in which you can become one, whether you are an aspiring young student or a mid-career professional.


For students who want to study social work at either the National University of Singapore (NUS) or SIM University (UniSIM):

Social Service Scholarship

The Social Service Scholarship, administered by NCSS, supports local degree and post graduate studies in social work and other social service related disciplines. Please click here for more information.


Singapore-Industry Scholarship


The Singapore-Industry Scholarship supports local undergraduate studies in the area of Social Work.


Read more on how to apply for the Singapore-Industry Scholarship.


For mid-career professionals thinking of becoming a social worker:

Professional Conversion Programme for Social Workers

NCSS has partnered the Workforce Development Agency (WDA) and UniSIM to offer a Place-and-Train Professional Conversion Programme for Social Workers (PCPSW). This programme aims to train interested individuals (such as mid-career professionals) to become qualified Social Workers.


Individuals interested in the PCPSW may apply for the following UniSIM’s courses:


Being a Place-and-Train Programme, all individuals must gain employment with a Voluntary Welfare Organisation before applying to UniSIM. Please click here for more information.


Development Opportunities


For existing social workers in the social service sector, you can look forward to a wide range of professional training and development opportunities that will help further your competencies. Some of the schemes and courses available include:



Professional Development and Management Programme (PDMP)
The PDMP (formerly known as the Professional and Leadership Development Scheme) aims to develop professionals with leadership and management potential and who are starting to take on management roles.


Sabbatical Leave Scheme

This scheme aims to provide social workers the opportunity to recharge and refresh themselves and engage in activities for their professional advancement.



Leadership Development Programme (LDP)

The LDP, formerly known as Social Service Talent Development Scheme, aims to develop professionals with potential to take on organisational or specialist leadership positions.



Training courses conducted by the Social Service Institute

There is a wide spectrum of training and development courses conducted by SSTI that can cater to a social worker’s varied interests.


To learn more about the social work profession, please click here.


How to Apply


For mid career entrants, please click here to see how you can become a social worker.


For social work graduates, please click here to view available opportunites at our jobs portal.


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Last updated/reviewed on 21 January 2015