Stories from the Heart

In celebration of NCSS 30th Anniversary, a series of 30 human-interest stories titled “Stories from the Heart” will be curated in partnership with social service agencies (SSAs), corporate partners, volunteers and NCSS staff, to bring greater awareness of the social service sector and SSAs’ work, the evolving roles of NCSS through the years and the difference made in the lives of the community in need.


Stories from the Heart : Nadia Daeng

Growing up as the primary caregiver to her 44-year-old sister with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and her 75-year-old mum, who suffered a stroke in 2019.

Stories from the Heart : Mr Phillip Tan

Mr Phillip Tan has made significant contributions to NCSS and the social service sector.

If you are a service user or from a social service agency and know of anyone who has benefitted from NCSS/NCSS-funded services and programmes, please share your stories with us at