About Us Our Mission

Our Mission

To provide leadership and direction in enhancing the capabilities and capacity of our members, advocating for social service needs and strengthening strategic partnerships, for an effective social service ecosystem.

Our Vision

Compassionate Society. Impactful Sector. Dignified Lives.

Our Core Values

As we stay focused on our mission to ensure that every person has the opportunity to live a life of dignity to their fullest potential within society, we are guided by our core values of passion, impact, collaboration, and courage.
Our passion is the fuel that drives us through challenges and difficulties.
We care intensely about improving the lives of the persons we serve.
We believe strongly in what we do and are united as one in our common cause.
We seek to make the world a better place for our beneficiaries.
We dream big, because even if we fall short, we will have made positive changes.
We collaborate internally and externally because we achieve more together.
We reach across boundaries to help each other progress.
We are committed to listening and speaking up.
We challenge the status quo to inspire breakthroughs.
We do what is right, and not because it is popular or easy.

Three Strategic Themes

  • Effective social purpose entities that deliver quality, innovation and sustainable solutions.
  • Quality, innovation and sustainable solutions for an impactful sector.
  • Caring, collaborative and impactful social service ecosystem.