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   Raising Permits

   Under the House-to-House and Street Collections Act, all public fund-raising activities that
   involve house-to-house and street collections must be licensed by the Police or by NCSS.

   20 minutes

   COE Exemptions

   The Land Transport Authority's Certificate of Entitlement (COE) Exemption Scheme allows
   eligible social service agencies to be exempted from payment of the COE for vehicles
   that are used to transport elderly or disabled beneficiaries of their services/programmes.

   20 minutes


   NCSS member agencies can receive 50% off on music copyright fees payable to the
   Composers and Authors Society of Singapore Ltd (COMPASS).  These fees are to be paid
   when musical works controlled by COMPASS are played or broadcast at any event.

   10 minutes


   SingTel has partnered with NCSS to subsidise selected telecommunication costs for social
   service agencies through the SingTel Sponsorship Scheme. This scheme covers
   telecommunication lines and broadband plans from SingTel and SingNet.

   10 minutes

   Flag Day Ballot

   Flag Day slots are allocated through an annual exercise starting with registration in June/July,
   online selection of preferred dates in August and finally a balloting exercise in September.

   20 minutes

   Community and
   Sports Facilities

   The Urban Redevelopment Authority’s (URA) Community and Sports Facilities Scheme (CSFS)
   aims to facilitate the integration of community facilities with commercial developments such
   as shopping malls. Under this scheme, landlords are granted additional Gross Floor Area
   (GFA) for premises that are largely used for community outreach including social services
   such as disability, family and eldercare services.

   10 minutes

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