Name of


Information Needed

Estimated submission and/or processing time



If your agency is interested to apply for NCSS membership, please proceed.

  a. Particulars of Agency
  (eg. Agency Name, Address, Staff
  Contact Details, Background of Agency)

  b. Information on services / programmes

  c. Information on Management
  Committee Members

  d. Governing Instrument of the agency
  i.e. Constitution / Memorandum & Articles of
  Association (M&AA)

  e. Copy of letter / computer printout from
  Registry of Societies (ROS) or Accounting &
  Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) as
  proof of registration as society or company

  f.  Audited Financial Statements for the last
  2 years
  *If your agency is a new set-up,
  please provide the projected income,
  expenditure and reserves / accumulated fund
  for the next 2 years. If your agency has
  only 1 year’s audited financial statements,
  please also provide a breakdown of the
  projected Income and expenditure for
  the current year.

  Other Documents (if any)

  g. Latest Annual Report

  h. Information or collaterals on the
  agency and services / programmes

  i. Copy of letter from Commissioner of
  Charities (COC) as proof of charity
  status (if any)

  a. The application will take
  about 20 minutes
  to complete.

  b. Field marked * are
  mandatory. Please indicate
  “N.A.” if any of the
  fields are not applicable.

  c. The application must be
  endorsed by the
  Chairperson /President
  of the agency to be
  considered as complete.
  If the applicant is not
  the Chairperson, an email
  will be sent to the
  Chairperson/President so
  that s/he can complete the
  declaration section online.

  d. Upon the receipt of your
  application, you will
  receive an
  acknowledgement within
  3 days. An NCSS staff may
  contact your agency
  for more details.

  e. Approval of NCSS
  membership and the
  type of membership to be
  granted will be decided
  by the NCSS Executive

  f. Your agency should
  be informed of the
  outcome of the application
  via post within 3 months
  from the date the
  application was received.

Please read the Obligations of NCSS Members before you proceed with the application.

Interested social service agencies are advised to read the NCSS Act and its Subsidiary Legislation before applying for membership.

Disclaimer: NCSS's provision of information regarding past vendors shall not be construed as endorsement, recommendation, support or validation for any such vendors. Information on such vendors is only accurate at the point of past applications and NCSS is not responsible for the accuracy of the vendors' information beyond the point of past applications. NCSS accepts no liability or responsibility for the products and/or services provided by such vendors. By engaging any of the vendors, you agree and understand that you may not make any claim against NCSS for any damages or losses, whatsoever, resulting from your engagement of the same.