Why be a Regular Volunteer?

NCSS encourages corporate and group volunteers to engage in regular volunteerism for sustainable impact in the social service sector. Not only does regular volunteers help to better meet the needs of social service agencies, they also help to increase the community engagement and improve the quality of life of our service users with their presence.

Regular volunteering not only benefit our service users, it also benefits the giver. Studies have shown that regular volunteering motivates employeees, boosts team morale and encourages colleague bonding!

What is Service-based Volunteerism?

NCSS encourages corporates and groups to embark on service-based volunteering with our social service agencies. Service based volunteers interact with service users, in a fixed role, on a regular basis. 


How do i start service-based volunteering with a social service agency?

Corporate or group volunteers can develop a service-based volunteering partnership with a social service agency using the steps in the diagram below as a guide. For more information, download the Guide on Service-based Volunteering Partnership Models.


Successful Service-Based Volunteering Partnership Stories

Be inspired by this collection of photo stories, which showcases regular and sustainable volunteer partnerships in the social service sector. Volunteers from large corporations, small medium enterprises, public agencies, schools and grounds-up groups commit to giving their time meaningfully to the cause they believe in. What is yours?


Corporate volunteering can be convenient and accessible. Watch the video below to get some tips:


Start your own service-based volunteering partnership today!

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SG Cares is a national movement dedicated to guide and support the goodwill of all who live in Singapore to better help those in need, to create a caring and inclusive home for all. Visit the SG Cares website for more information and download the SG Cares app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store to curate your own volunteering experience.

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