Service-based Volunteer Management Consultancy Project

Providing a good experience for volunteers has proven to be a key indicator of volunteer retention. Hence, the Service-based Volunteer Management Consultancy project aims to aid our member agencies in implementing the Volunteer Management Framework, to better equip them with the ability to optimise and scale their service-based volunteer partnerships sustainably.

NCSS has helped over 55 member agencies implement the Volunteer Management Framework.
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VCF Innovation & Productivity Pre-scoped Grant for Volunteer Management

The Pre-scoped Innovation & Productivity Grant aims to nurture a culture of continuous improvement and innovation in the sector. This grant supports the social service agencies to undertake productivity improvements on a smaller scale including enhancing their volunteer management capabilities for better engagement of volunteers.
The objective of the Pre-scoped consultancy project for volunteer management includes but are not limited to:
  • Supporting the Social Service Agencies in implementing the Volunteer Management framework (VMF)
  • Mapping the community resources to support their long term volunteer engagement plan.

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