Volunteer Management Network

The Volunteer Management Network is organised four times a year for Volunteer Management practitioners to gather with other like-minded practitioners and subject-matter experts to share best practices. Volunteer management practitioners can expect to participate in dialogue sessions and receive guidance and support from experienced mentors through traditional and virtual platforms.
Themes for Volunteer Management Networks sessions in FY2019

Edition Focus Learning Outcome Date
1 Volunteer Partnerships (Corporate & Social Service Agencies) Negotiate to form win-win partnerships 27 May 2019
2 Volunteer Retention through good processes and technology Provide positive volunteering experience to grow partnerships 4 Sept 2019
3 Volunteer Leadership Development Volunteer leaders as an approach to create sustainable partnerships 15 Nov 2019
4 Asset Based Community Development as a tool to identify and build partnerships Working as a community 21 Feb 2020

If you are keen to sign up for the network, please email Volunteer_Resource@ncss.gov.sg

Volunteer Engagement Tool

A good volunteer experience is one where volunteers are engaged, contributing in ways that are meaningful to them, and they are acknowledged and appreciated. When volunteers are happy with their experience, they remain committed and are motivated to contribute actively to meet the needs of your agency.
Try out the Volunteer Engagement Tool (VET), developed by NCSS to help social service agencies gauge volunteer satisfaction and identify opportunities for improvement. The free tool saves you the hassle of designing, developing and managing your own surveys.
  •     Simply email the unique survey link to your volunteers
  •     Automatically receive an online dashboard with your results
  •     Track results over time

Sign up for your free tool now!

Read up on our FAQs if you have further questions about the tool.


Training is important for the development, motivation and retention of volunteers. Well-trained volunteers have a deeper understanding of their roles and are know what to look out for when they interact with your service users.
To help on-board new volunteers, NCSS has developed a series of e-learning courses for volunteers who find it challenging to commit their time for classroom training. The courses cover various topics and causes, such as befriending seniors, working effectively with youths, understanding persons with disabilities and caregiver training etc. Volunteers can access the e-learning courses at their convenience and learn at their own pace.

As a volunteer manager, you can select the e-learning course most relevant for your volunteers. Visit www.ssi.gov.sg/training/volunteer-development-and-management to find out more!

Friends of the Caring Community (FOCC)

The Friends of the Caring Community, a group within the Workplace @ Facebook was launched to provide a resource platform for volunteer managers or social service practitioners involved in Volunteer Management. Members are encouraged to share best practices and related information to enhance their capabilities in Volunteer Management.  As a communication tool, FOCC also aims to connect the members and provide opportunities for collaboration.
Join the community here or email Volunteer_Resource@ncss.gov.sg to find out more.