NCSS works closely with member VWOs to build up their manpower capabilities widen the talent pipelines and grow a larger pool of committed and skilled social service professionals.
We engage and support member VWOs in meeting their needs and development, as well as work with partners, ministries and stakeholders to enhance VWO's programmes and capabilities.


This consultancy project to unlock Service-Based Volunteering Opportunities is NCSS’ ongoing initiative in supporting our social service agencies in strengthening their service delivery and impact to beneficiaries through the strategic management of volunteers.
This project is an enhancement and replication of the successful pilot done with 10 social service agencies, where more than 400 service-based opportunities were unlocked from just 3 programme types. In this next phase, to build the capability and capacity of 30 social service agencies through this Consultancy Project.

We help social service agencies:

  • Be equipped and volunteer-ready through implementation of the volunteer management framework (VMF)
  • Be ready for volunteer partnerships by unlocking volunteering opportunities
  • Advocate sustainable service-based volunteering opportunities through the sharing of best practices and successful volunteer partnerships

What participating organisations can expect

NCSS is committed to support participating organisations in the following: