Volunteer Resources

Here's the list of training courses for volunteers and volunteer managers. These courses are recommended to help you in your volunteer journey or in your professional volunteer management career. Click on the images to view.
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VCF Grants

There are various grants that social service agencies can apply for. Examples of such grants include VCF IPG IT Adoption grant, and VCF IPG Pre-Scoped Consultancy. For more details on the various grants, please click here.

Share as One Grant

The SHARE as One matching grant enables your social service agency to organise meaningful volunteer activities for corporates and to build up your volunteer management capabilities to provide better opportunities and experiences for corporate volunteers. For more information, click here


Our Singapore Fund

Our Singapore Fund has been created to support meaningful projects that build national identity or meet social and community needs. The Fund supports the ideas that you’re passionate about to bring our community together and promote our Singapore Spirit and shared values. For more information, click here

Here are some of the tools available for Volunteer Management. 

Also available here.

Partnering organisations towards a lasting impact on social service users

Partnering organisations towards a lasting impact on social service users


Partnering organisations towards a lasting impact on social service users


Partnership Model

NCSS together with Empact developed 6 partnership models of different types of organisations and how each of their unique organisational capabilities, constraints and characteristics will better matched with certain service-based volunteering roles for a higher chance of a successful partnership being forged.

Identify the areas where you want to partner with volunteers and create job profiles for these volunteer roles. The volunteer roles discussed here include those in:
  • EIPIC (Early Intervention Programme for Infants and Children);
  • SPED (Special Education schools);
  • SAC (Seniors Activity Centre); and
  • Youth Programmes.

Service-based volunteerism


Find out more about service-based volunteerism and help social service agencies by having a direct impact for service users and increasing community engagement.

Volunteer Management Toolkit

  The Volunteer Management Toolkit serves to provide social service agencies with practical tools and guidelines on volunteer management. Case studies have been included as part of the toolkit precisely for this purpose - to share and learn from each other's experiences and to spark new ideas. Given the diverse nature of social service agencies, the toolkit is not meant to be prescriptive, but for social service agencies to customise and modify to suit the individual context, needs and requirements. 

Volunteer Management Playbook

  With effective volunteer management practices and adequate training, regular volunteers can make substantial contributions to the social service sector. It is with this in mind, that NCSS developed the Volunteer Management Playbook (Service-Based Volunteerism), to support member social service agencies in the systematic absorption and retention of volunteers to complement paid positions in service delivery.

Other Resources

Here are some videos on Mr Tan Chuan-Jin, former Minister for Social and Family Development and current Speaker of Parliament, sharing his views about SG Cares, volunteerism and corporate giving.
Minister Tan Chuan-Jin speaking at the Eagles Leadership Conference on 3 August 2017.

Speaker Tan Chuan-Jin sharing at the Temasek Trust Conversation on Corporate Giving on 19 September 2017 - Part 1

Speaker Tan Chuan-Jin at a dialogue session at the Temasek Trust Conversation on Corporate Giving on 19 September 2017 - Part 2