Social Service Professionals

The social service sector, dynamic and progressive, sees to the needs of our beneficiaries. It seeks competent professionals with a calling to truly make differences in our society. Ideally, they should possess the conviction to serve in the community and adopt a client-centric approach in their work that they can derive great satisfaction.
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As a Social Service Professional, you play a leading role in helping communities in need. You can pursue roles such as:    
Associate Professionals
As an Associate Professional, you work hand-in-hand with Social Service Professionals to take care of communities in need. You can play your part in positions such as:
  • Therapist Aides
  • Nursing Aides
  • Social Work Associate
  • Social Work Assistant
  • Teacher Assistant (Early intervention)
  • Teacher Assistant (Special Education)
  • Teacher Assistant (Others)
Social Service Executive and Administrative Personnel

As a Social Service Administrative Personnel, you help to power the smooth running of every social service organisation.
If you have a background in HR, finance or marketing and are keen to explore a career in the social services, then the following positions might just be the perfect fit:
  • Executive Director or Head of Agencies
  • Manager or Executive (Administration)
  • Manager or Executive (Finance)
  • Manager or Executive (Human Resource)
  • Manager or Executive (Marketing)
  • Manager or Executive (Programme)
  • Workshop Instructor