Counselling Services

Provide emotional support to individuals, couples and families facing psychological issues arising from relationship problems and lifestyle pressures.
Association of Women for Action and Research (AWARE)
AWARE aims to support and empower women to deal effectively with problems and crises through a helpline, face-to-face counselling, a legal clinic, befriending and care services.
A specialised track of the above is available for victims of sexual assault.
Care Corner Counselling Centre
Counselling and therapy services for marital relationships, including pre-marital, in-marriage, extra-marital and post-marriage situations. The centre does this through individual face-to-face counselling, couple counselling, group counselling, a helpline and support group services. Care Corner started out as the first counselling centre with a focus on the Mandarin-speaking community.
Counselling and Care Centre
Counselling and Care Centre counsels individuals and families, providing therapeutic support to them. The centre also provides consultancy, training and publication.
Eagles Mediation and Counselling Centre
A specialist in mediation, an alternative dispute resolution method, which supports individuals and families in resolving psychoemotional and relational issues. Eagles Mediation and Counselling Centre combines mediation and counselling to provide a continuum of support for clients through the different stages of relationship issues and decision-making.
Shan You Counselling Centre
The centre provides support to individuals and families facing mental health issues arising from the anxiety and stresses of lifestyle pressures.  It integrates Mind-Body Medicine and Mindfulness into its counselling services.
WINGS Counselling Centre
The centre provides counselling support for children-and- youth-related issues, within the context of the family system. The centre customises its counselling and therapy services towards individuals, couples and families, based on their ages and developmental stages.