Family Support Services

Services and programmes that support vulnerable individuals and families towards resilience and stability.

Family Service Centres
Family Service Centres (FSCs) are a key community-based focal point and social service provider for families in need. The objectives of FSCs are to promote and improve the social well-being of every individual in the family, at every stage of life. FSCs are staffed by social workers and other professionals who can provide a helping hand. Click here to find the FSC nearest to you.
Remarriages and Step-Families
PPIS Vista Sakinah helps remarried couples and their families cope with their new roles and adjust to their reconstituted families. The services provided include family casework and counselling, support groups, programmes for children, and public education.
Marriages involving Minors
INSPIRASI PPIS is a hub that serves as a one-stop centre to centralise the coordination and provision of the various programmes and services for minor couples who plan or eventually choose to marry.
Divorce Support Specialist Agencies
Divorce Support Specialist Agencies emphasise child centricity through the divorcing process, provide support for divorcing and divorced families and children in the form of workshops on co-parenting, support groups, case management and counselling.
Maintenance Support Central – Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations 
A one-stop drop-in centre that provides advice and assistance with problems relating to payment of court-ordered maintenance following a divorce or legal separation. This includes legal advice, credit bureau reporting, filing and/or enforcement of fresh maintenance orders as well as public education.
Transnational Families Support Centres
Transnational couples will be prepared for a cross-cultural marriage in Singapore and equipped with knowledge on where they can get assistance in the community.
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