The Empowering Seniors Project (FY18 onwards) seeks to increase service user participation in the design and implementation of services for seniors to create more effective and sustainable services. With the insights from NCSS Quality of Life of Seniors study, seniors have the ability to make decisions in the delivery of services and contribute in various service settings. Hence, seniors should be seen as active participants and contributors instead of passive recipients of services.

An Empowering Seniors workgroup, comprising of eight organisations1 was formed in 2018. The workgroup is co-chaired by National Council of Social Service and Agency for Integrated Care. Together with the workgroup, NCSS developed the following resources for any eldercare agencies that wish to adopt empowering principles to increase the level of user participation in the delivery of senior services.

Empowering Seniors Resource Kit (version 1.0)

Download a copy of the Empowering Seniors Resource Kit.

The resource kit is compiled for agencies that would like to implement empowering principles using the Ladder of User Participation. The Ladder helps agencies to concretise the abstract concept of empowerment into doable actions. Case studies of empowerment initiatives by workgroup members are included for inspiration.

Empowering Seniors Video

Explaining the why and how empowering principles are practised in the various initiatives and services through the case studies of few eldercare agencies.
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1The Empowering Seniors Workgroup comprises of AMKFSC Community Services Ltd, Alzheimer’s Disease Association, Filos Community services, Jamiyah Nursing Home, RSVP Singapore, Sree Narayana Mission (Singapore), Tsao Foundation and Ng Teng Fong General Hospital (a member of National University Health System).


The Empowering Seniors Project (FY15-FY17) focused on development of evidence-based engagement framework to enhance purposeful engagements between practitioners/volunteers and seniors. The Project was a collaboration among 15 social service organisations2 to drive senior empowerment in the sector. NCSS initiated the partnership of the social service organisations with 3 collaborators - National Arts CouncilNg Teng Fong General Hospital and National Heritage Board - to develop three toolkits:- Seniors Life Review through Arts, the Strong Again! Companion Guide and Conversation Starter Kit.  The toolkits aim to guide practitioners in their service delivery so that seniors can be empowered to discover their strength, create purpose for their lives and gain a strong sense of belonging to their community. The toolkits were launched at the Seniors Empowered! Conference on 3 November 2017. Here is a summary of the toolkits and their outcomes:

Senior Life Review through Arts

​Encompasses group work activities and takes seniors through personal art journeys and meaningful conversations, to enable seniors to gain confidence to share their life stories, hopes and dreams.
Collaborator: National Arts Council

Strong Again! Companion Guide

Encompasses structured home-based activities, targets frail and home-bound seniors, with the aim to help them gain strength and mobility, and aspire to re-integrate into their community.
​Collaborator: Ng Teng Fong General Hospital

These toolkits are designed for use by social service practitioners.

Conversation Starter Kit for Seniors

​Catered for staff or volunteers to engage with seniors purposefully, through meaningful conversations and recollections of their memories and past experiences.
Collaborator: National Heritage Board
Join us in this journey of senior empowerment!

Conversation Starter Kit 1
Download a copy of the Conversation Starter Kit for Seniors - Places.

Conversation Starter Kit 2
Download a copy of the Conversation Starter Kit for Seniors - Lifestyle.

NCSS is deeply grateful to the late Dr Robert CK Loh and his friends who have made this project possible through their generous donations.
2AWWA Ltd, AMKFSC Community Services Ltd, Care Corner Seniors Services Ltd, Empower Ageing Limited, Fei Yue Community Services, Filos Community Services, Lions Befrienders (LB), NTUC Health Co-operative Ltd, O’Joy Care Services, ProAge Pte Ltd, SAGE Counselling Centre, Thye Hua Kwan Moral Charities Limited, TOUCH Community Services, TSAO Foundation, and Yong-En Care Centre