VCF Evaluation Panel Meeting

VCF Evaluation Panel Meeting

The VCF Evaluation Panel meets once every two months.

Decision of the VCF Evaluation Panel is final. The VCF Secretariat will inform applicants on the outcome of their applications.

Meeting Dates and Submission Deadlines are as follows:

- Professional Capability Grant (PCG) (Local Training/Direct Training Applications)
- PCG (Sponsorships/Study Awards/Graduate Diploma/Bachelor Degree Grant)
- PCG (Clinical Supervision)
- Innovation and Productivity Grant
- Organisational Development Grant

Submission Deadline VCF Panel Meeting
4 June 2021 21 September 2021
3 August 2021 16 November 2021
5 November 2021 18 January 2022
7 January 2022 29 March 2022

IPG and ODG projects typically require in-depth discussions between SSAs and NCSS departments assessing the applications. SSAs interested in embarking on such projects are strongly encouraged to contact the VCF Secretariat early to arrange for preliminary discussions before submitting applications.

PCG (Overseas Training Grant) applications are to be submitted online 2 months before the intended panel meeting date as the applications require in-depth assessment.

Meeting dates and submission deadlines for PCG Local Training Pre-approval Applications (for training providers) are as follows

Submission Deadline VCF Panel Meeting
5 November 2021 18 January 2022

Note: The dates shown are meant as a guide and may be subject to changes.