Lien Foundation's Inclusive Attitudes Study in 2016 found that almost half of the parents of children with special needs indicated that their children did not have friends without special needs, due to the lack of a conducive environment.
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Social Benefits
Learning to respond to others and understanding
their needs through sharing and taking turns
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Physical Benefits
Developing fine and gross motor skills, body awareness, and building or maintaining energy, flexibility, and muscular strengt
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Emotional Benefits
Form of expression and management of one's feelings while playing with others
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Creative Benefits
Creating internal imagery, stimulate curiosity and improves adaptation and child experiments with alterntive responses to different situations.

To ensure that the playground is inclusive, NCSS has initiated several dialog sessions to identify how the different spaces in the playground can be designed and used optimally. These engagement sessions have enabled NCSS to come up with a clear vision and plans for the playground.
  • Accessibility consultant and inclusive play experts to look into placement of play equipment and design of the area so as to maximise inclusion
  • Therapists from Special Education Schools and Social Service Agencies to understand concerns of our target clients and identify play equipment which are suitable for their disabilities’ types and beneficial to their development.
  • Children with special needs to indicate their “favourite” playground equipment.