Look Beyond My Disability, See the True Me

'See the True Me' is a public education campaign that encourages the public to see persons with disabilities for who they are instead of the disability they have.  Organised by the National Council of Social Service, and made possible by the Tote Board-Enabling Lives Initiative, the campaign aims to:
  1. Celebrate the strengths and abilities of persons with disabilities
  2. Educate the public on communication tips and support strategies for persons with disabilities
  3. Encourage the inclusion of persons with disabilities in society

Approximately 3% of the Singapore population has some form of disability1.  10 focus group discussions and a study with close to 1,000 persons with disabilities with conditions such as physical, cognitive and sensory disabilities were conducted to find out the needs of persons with disabilities. Research found that six in 10 persons with disabilities do not feel socially included, accepted and given equal opportunities to contribute to society. 

An attitude study with 1,400 members of the public was also conducted to understand the public’s perception, understanding and level of acceptance towards persons with disabilities. Studies found that the public viewed persons with disabilities less favourably than those without a disability. They had less favourable attitudes towards those with intellectual disabilities and autism spectrum disorder.
In the third year of the public education efforts, the See the True Me campaign focuses on breaking down interaction barriers between persons with disabilities and the public. Persons with disabilities are featured in their natural environments, in school, at work and in social settings. Tips on how to interact with persons with different disabilities will also be introduced on multiple platforms. 

A series of engagement activities planned, including sports, crafts and awareness talks, organised with social service organisations, will offer the public an opportunity to interact with persons with disabilities from September to November 2017.  

The See the True Me campaign is part of a five-year public education effort to promote inclusion in Singapore. 
1Source: Enabling Masterplan 2012-2016

Campaign Posters
Syah Posteer - See the True meCharlene Poster - See the True meGareth Poster - See the True Me
Peng Kai Poster - See the True MeWanyi Poster - See the True MeDickson Poster - See the True MeIvan Poster - See the True Me

Launch of See the True Me CampaignThe launch of NCSS' "See the True Me" disability awareness campaign, with Minister for Social and Family Development (MSF), Mr Tan Chuan-Jin, at the Enabling Village. How do you see persons with disabilities? The See the True Me campaign encourages the public to see persons with disabilities for who they are, instead of the disability they have. Let us celebrate the strengths, abilities, hopes and dreams of persons with disabilities today.

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Launch of the See the True Me Campaign