Sun Ray


Ms Eugenia Tan, Speech-Language Therapist at AWWA Community Integration Service.
Sun Ray is a career scheme administered by the Social Service Institute (SSI), NCSS' human capital development arm. It provides participants with a varied work portfolio that allows them to gain experience in various fields.
Ms Eugenia Tan, a speech therapist at AWWA Community Integration Service, believes that if one is persistent and keeps faith with serving beneficiaries or delivering critical service, the hard work will pay off one day. With prior voluntary welfare organisation (VWO) experience, she provides support for children with physical disabilities, developmental coordination disorders, and speech sound disorders in mainstream schools. The support helps the children in their integration into school and community.

As an individual of the Sun Ray scheme, Eugenia also takes on management roles as part of the scheme's career development.

The constant need for qualified and capable individuals in the social service sector means that growing and developing people is crucial.

If you have strong leadership qualities, passion to serve vulnerable groups, and values of client-centricity, resilience, integrity and compassion, join Sun Ray now to make a difference in the lives of others.

To find out more about the scheme, please call 6589 5500, email to  [email protected], or click here.