Social Service Agencies (SSAs) can start their technology journey by taking up competitively priced and simple solutions to digitise data and automate processes. NCSS funding supports the adoption of pre-scoped solutions, to help SSAs get started.

What’s in it for your agency?
Your agency can save time and effort in sourcing for the right IT solutions and/or consultants, which have been pre-scoped. There is no need for 3 quotations*.

*Vendor quotation must be based on the Start Digital solutions (pre-scoped IT solutions) listed on the GovAssist website. Please request the quotation from your preferred pre-approved vendor.

What is the funding about?
The funding aims to make it more affordable for SSAs to take up IT solutions and project consultancy to digitise data and automate processes.

Who is eligible for the funding?
If your agency is a NCSS member or an SSA funded by MSF, you can apply for the funding.

How much funding can your agency look to receive?

  • Start Digital (Pre-scoped IT solutions and Green Lane solutions)
Up to 80%, capped at $30,000* per SSA for pre-scoped solutions and green lane solutions
  • Go Digital (Large scale/specialised IT solutions)
Up to 80%, capped at $300,000 per project. Find out more about Go Digital
  1. Advisory and consultancy services provided by pre-appointed consultants - Deloitte Consulting and Thunderquote.
  2. Technical Advisory (fully funded) to help SSAs identify pain points and recommend suitable IT solutions.
  3. Digital Implementation Consultancy and Digital Strategy Planning (funded up to 80%, capped at $40,000). SSAs can take up consultancy modules according to their needs and budget.

*Each SSA can only purchase up to $8,000 worth of laptops. To benefit as many SSAs as possible, the sum of laptop funding received across VCF and TNG cannot exceed $8,000.

What are type of costs are supported?
Supportable costs:  
  • Laptops capped at $8,000
  • Maintenance and subscription costs for 3 years (80% for 1st year; 50% for 2nd  & 3rd year)
  • Purchase/Lease/Hire Purchase cost of pre-scoped solutions. 12 months maximum funding duration for Hire Purchase/Leasing
  • Delivery, freight, shipping & other transport charges
  • User training, service charges, design fees
  • Administrative fees/charges, set-up cost including charges for assembly and dismantling
  • Professional fees (e.g. additional integration and/or customisation costs) and add-ons to supplement the adoption of pre-approved solutions capped at $6,000
  • Digital fundraising services to supplement the adoption of pre-approved E-Commerce solutions capped at $6,000
  • Goods and Services Tax (GST)
Non-supportable costs:
  • Extended warranty
  • Bank charges, including foreign exchange rates

Are there Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)?
Having taken the funding of Start Digital (pre-scoped IT solutions), agencies should achieve at least:

  • 10% Productivity Gain
  • 70% Staff/Client Satisfaction


Where to obtain the 1 quotation?
To apply for Start Digital (pre-scoped IT solutions), vendor quotation must be based on IMDA pre-scoped solutions listed on the GovAssist website. Please ask your preferred pre-scoped vendor to use this Pre-scoped Quotation Template as a guide.

To apply for Start Digital (Green Lane solutions), SSAs can submit one quotation from any vendor, and there are no fixed specifications. Funding is provided according to the maximum fundable amount per unit. Please ask your preferred vendor to use this Green Lane Quotation Template*

*Vendors may choose to use this template as a guide or copy the provided template onto their quotation template. Only official vendor quotations will be accepted. Do note that this template is only for your reference; not to be submitted directly. Only official vendor quotations will be accepted.

When can my agency apply?
Find out more about the application windows for Start Digital funding (pre-scoped IT solutions) and Data Protection Consultancy.

How to apply in the current application window?
Please apply via the Invictus Fund Application Form using your agency’s CorpPass by the application window closing date. Agencies are advised to prepare the following information before filling the FormSG application form.
  • CorpPass information
  • Name and Contact details of Board Chairman and Head of Agency (or equivalent)
  • Agency’s Total Operating Expenditure (TOE)
  • Bank account details (preferred)
  • 1 vendor quotation from your shortlisted pre-scoped IT solution (requested from vendor)
As NCSS only funds projects that have not started, please do not begin the project until after your agency signs the funding agreement with NCSS, unless otherwise allowed by NCSS. The estimated approval timeline for applications is approximately 6 weeks* from the closing date of the application window.

Please download the sample application forms for Start Digital and  Go Digital for your reference.

*Incomplete and complex applications may require a longer processing time.

When is the deadline to submit claim for funding?
Depending on the type of project, the following table shows the deadline for Start Digital (pre-scoped solutions) claim submission:
TypeClaim DeadlineClaim Documents
Purchase / Hire Purchase/ Lease1-month usage onwards; and before Commencement Date1 + 12 months(a) Start Digital Outcome Report Form

(b) Attach supporting documents2
Maintenance / Subscription1st year claim: 1-month usage onwards; and before Commencement Date + 12 months(a) Start Digital Outcome Report Form

(b) Attach supporting documents2
 2nd and 3rd year claim: Before 31 December 2022(a) Vendor agreement
Please download the Sample Start Digital Outcome Report Form for your reference.

1Commencement Date refers to the date agreed upon by both NCSS and the SSA as the starting date of the project.
2Supporting documents are Invoice(s), Vendor agreement (where applicable), and at least 2 photos showing staff/clients using the solution on site wherever possible.

Find out more about the frequently asked questions on funding.
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