The Invictus Fund was established by NCSS to marshal private donations to support Social Service Agencies (SSAs) in maintaining service delivery and serving clients safely and effectively during the pandemic. The Community Chest has raised over $9m for the first tranche of The Invictus Fund.

As part of the Fortitude Budget announced in June 2020, the Government provided a top-up of $18.3 million to the Fund to drive transformative efforts for effective service delivery in the new normal.


The Fund is open to all NCSS full and associate members.

Supported Areas

The Invictus Fund will support SSAs in their transformation of service delivery and operations through digital solutions and business continuity plans incorporating safe management measures.

Transformation of service delivery and operations

Digital solutions

The Fund will support SSAs in adopting technology to improve work processes, enhance service delivery and leverage data for better planning and management. Support of 80% of costs may be provided, capped at
  • $30,000 for pre-scoped IT solutions^ ( or
  • $300,000 for customized solutions through VWOs-Charities Capability Fund (VCF).
^Pre-scoped IT solutions and equipment including but not limited to:
  1. Corporate functions and others like Accounting Management, Human Resource, Inventory Tracking, Document Management, Learning Management, Cyber Security; and
  2. Client-facing solutions including Centre Management, Tele-consultation, Rehabilitation Equipment and Activities of Daily Living Solutions.

Business Continuity Plan incorporating safe management measures

The Fund will support SSAs to adopt business continuity plans incorporating safe management measures to operate safely and effectively in the 'new normal'. Support of up to $100,000 per agency may be provided to support the following areas of your agency's business continuity plan:
  • Implement safe management system
  • Reduce physical interaction, ensure safe distancing
  • Support contact tracing
  • Ensure cleanliness of premises
  • Implement health checks and protocols to manage potential cases
Support will only be extended to agencies with total reserves ratio[1] of below one year.

[1] Reserves ratio = Agency’s total reserves (sum of Agency's restricted and unrestricted reserves) divided by Agency’s annual total operating expenditure

Service continuity

The Fund will provide funding support to SSAs delivering direct services to help maintain their operations. Agencies will be eligible for support if the agency's total reserves ratio1 is below one year and they have experienced a loss of income of at least 30% over the past 6 months.

How to apply

Please apply via the main FormSG application form using your agency’s CorpPass by 30 October 2020.

Your agency need not apply for all areas. This is the first application window, please refer to the table below for more information on the subsequent application windows.
Application window
28 Sep - 30 Oct 2020
4 - 29 Jan 2021
5 - 30 Apr 2021
5 - 30 Jul 2021

Please complete the relevant supplementary form(s) via the links below.
Digital solutions:
Supplementary FormSG
For list of possible digital solutions, please click here.
Business Continuity Plan incorporating safe management measures:
Supplementary FormSG
Listing of safe management measures
Agencies are advised to prepare the following information before filling the FormSG application form.
  • Name and Contact details of Board Chairman and Head of Agency (or equivalent)
  • Latest Financial Statements
  • Bank account details
  • For service continuity support, please prepare proof of decline in income for the 6 months ending 30 September 2020, with comparison to the preceding 6 months or the same period in the previous year (1 April 2019 to 30 September 2019).

Current Application Window

Application window will be open from 28 September 2020 and close on 30 October 2020. Agencies will be notified of the application outcome by December 2020.

For more information

Please refer to the FAQs here.

For general enquiries on the Fund and Business Continuity Plan, please contact us at

For more information on Digital solutions, please visit:

For enquiries on Digital solutions, please contact