Advocacy & Research

NCSS advocate the importance of addressing unmet needs, share views on social needs and services gaps in the social service sector in order to provide feedback to policy makers and influence policy decisions and shape social investment priorities.

Persons with Mental Health Issues
To effectively support the needs of persons with mental health issues, research and advocacy work is dedicated to transforming an understanding of persons with mental health issues, addressing the challenges faced by these individuals and actualising their opportunities for contribution and integration.
Family Wellness
Building stronger families and helping children reach their full potential anchor, research efforts focus on understanding the circumstances and forces that affect the well-being of families and children in Singapore. From findings, NCSS analyses if needs and challenges are being adequately addressed, and in turn develop innovative and effective approaches to support vulnerable families and children.


Seniors' Wellbeing
To enable our seniors to lead lives with dignity and remain integrated within the community, NCSS initiates research to identify the current and future social needs of seniors within the context of Singapore’s changing demographics. Based on research findings, NCSS collaborates with our partners to effect practicable solutions to address the identified social needs.
Persons with Disabilities
By drawing on the experiences of persons with disabilities, NCSS aims to promote the well-being of persons with disabilities through actionable research findings and action by the people, public and private sector.