Advocacy & Research

NCSS conducts research to make sense of social issues, and advocates the importance of enabling applied research in developing impactful solutions.

Social Service Navigator
The Social Service Navigator is an ongoing effort to gather data on social services in Singapore. It aims to help social service professionals and the public to identify relevant services to meet needs, potential service gaps and partners for collaboration.
The Social Service Navigator may be accessed here.
Quality of Life Studies
Guided by the World Health Organisation’s framework on Quality of Life, NCSS conducts surveys, interviews and discussions among various populations to understand their aspirations, needs and well-being.
Findings from the studies may be accessed here.

Studies on Public Attitudes
Taking an ecosystem approach, NCSS conducts studies on public attitudes in order to understand barriers and forms of discrimination against various groups in the population.
Findings from the studies have informed NCSS’s public education campaigns e.g. See the True Me.
Research Coalitions
To advance applied research and inter-agency collaboration in the social service sector, NCSS leads and promotes the formation of research coalitions to plan, design and execute collaborative projects in areas of interest.

Interested parties may write to for more information.