Donation tracking is a fundamental and key process in social service agencies, especially for Institutions of Public Character (IPCs). Many agencies, regardless of size, maintain multiple data sources to track donation details. 

Ka-Ching comic: I have been tracking the same donation information five times because of different databases. I need to be more efficient!

How can we make the process more efficient?

Meet Ka-Ching! A donation tracking tool that automates and streamlines back-end donation tracking processes to reduce duplication of work. Through Ka-Ching, agencies can better track and process donations thanks to the smart tool that reduces duplicate data entries and generates more accurate donation reports. Agencies can also offer that special touch to their donors by creating customisable receipts and thank you letters.

Ka-Ching is a donation tracking tool that reduces duplication of data entry, allows efficient processing of donations, and improves accuracy of reporting.

Who developed Ka-Ching?
Ka-Ching was developed by NCSS appointed consultant, Empact, in collaboration with fifteen social service agencies of different profiles serving various sub-sectors. The projects were fully funded by VWOs-Charity Capability Fund (VCF) through NCSS. All agencies signed a funding agreeement prior to project kick-off and adhere to all VCF-Innovation and Productivity Grant funding principles.

What are the key features?
Key features of Ka-Ching include recording and tracking donation, as well as generating donation reports for organisations and IRAS.


What are the benefits?
Ka-Ching's key benefits include cutting down time spent on data entry, eliminating time taken to enter IPC link and other manual documentations, reducing duplication of work and time taken to process donations and unnecessary documentations, as well as, customising thank-you letters and tax/non-tax receipts.

Sounds too good to be true, but what are the limitations?

Ka-Ching has its limitations, such as it is not intended as a Donor Management System, has limited integration with other systems or databases, and limited audit trail.

I am interested. Can I still apply?

Applications are now closed.
Interested agencies could get in touch with the consultant, Empact at ka-ching@empact.sg to find out how they can take on Ka-Ching.

A total of 61 agencies benefitted from the project through the following stages...
Application for Ka-Ching is opened and will close on 31 Oct 2018.

...and achieved the following project outcomes:

Watch this video to see how Ka-Ching had benefitted Action For AIDS and Alzheimer's Disease Association!