Tech Booster

Tech Booster aims to ramp up adoption of ready technologies for manpower-intensive programmes at Adult Disability Homes, Day Activity Centres, Welfare Homes and Voluntary Children's Homes. The initiative enables existing care workers to provide better service to more clients in shorter time, raise staff morale and retention, and increase client centricity. Care worker's roles can also be upgraded to attract more Singaporeans to take up these jobs. Attractively-tiered subsidies of up to 98% funding for ready technologies, along with Project and Change Management support, would be provided through the Tech Booster.

Ready technologies include products and services, such as video analytics solutions that can predict behaviour, intelligent monitoring sensors, robotic technology with human-like cleaning robots, and an AI-enabled assistant with voice recognition technology. These innovative solutions can reduce up to 30% time spent by care workers.


What technologies can we consider?
NCSS continually reviews a wide range of technologies, in collaboration with social service agencies and counterparts like Agency for Integrated Care, Infocomm Media Development Authority, Centre for Healthcare Assistive & Robotics Technology and National Healthcare Group.

Some examples of the technologies can be found here.

How will the project benefit Social Service Agencies?

Who can apply?
Tech Booster is currently open for application by MSF-funded Adult Disability Homes, Day Activity Centres, Welfare Homes and Voluntary Children’s Homes. If you do not belong to these programme but are keen to ramp up ready tech adoption to enhance operational efficiency of care workers and alleviate manpower demand, please indicate your interest here:

Scan QR code or indicate your interest here.

When is the application deadline?
Application for the project is now open in phases. Eligible programmes would have received the application forms and suggested list of technologies from NCSS. If you have not received or are keen to apply, please email us at Centres/Homes are encouraged to put in the applications early.

How to apply?
Please login to e-services to apply.