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Professional Development and Management Programme

The Professional Development and Management Programme (PDMP) seeks to develop professionals with leadership and management potential who are starting to take on management roles.

How social service organisations can benefit

By participating in this programme and nominating eligible candidates for the PDMP, social service organisations can:  
  • Strengthen their organisation's leadership pipeline
  • Gain funding to develop middle-level management and professionals for supervisory roles
  • Customise their own professional development programmes
Components of PDMP

PDMP comprises two development components:

Professional Development

The Professional Development component has two distinct parts. Part A comprises longer-term accredited/certified professional courses that are conducted either locally or overseas while Part B offers supervisory training or clinical supervision sessions.
Social service organisations and PDMP applicants can prescribe their own courses for professional development. However, they must ensure that the duration of the professional development plan does not exceed two years.

Management Training

The Management Training component consists of a Milestone Programme, a new leadership initiative offered by the Social Service Institute (SSI). This programme is offered at three different levels and caters to social service professionals with varying levels of experience and development needs:


Funding details  
Under the PDMP, social service organisations can tap on a capped funding of $47,000. The Professional Development and Management Training portion of the PDMP is capped at $30,000 while salary support for training is capped at $17,000.

The estimated fees for the various Milestone Programmes offered by the SSI are:
  • Lead Self Milestone Programme: $4,815
  • Lead People Milestone Programme: $5,350
  • Lead Manager Milestone Programme: $5,885
Social service organisations can take the fees for the Management Training portion as a guide to plan the budget for their employees’ professional development.

Eligibility criteria

Social service professionals need to be nominated by their employers in order to participate in the PDMP. NCSS member organisations or Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF)-funded organisations can nominate the following professionals for the programme:
  • Social Workers registered with the Social Work Accreditation and Advisory Board
  • Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and Speech Therapists with full/restricted registration with the Allied Health Professions Council
  • Psychologists with Master’s degrees in Psychology
  • Counsellors with qualifications recognised by the Singapore Association for Counselling
  • Early Intervention Teachers with Advanced Diploma in Early Childhood Intervention (Special Needs)
  • Staff performing administrative or corporate functions with a good degree
Candidates must:
  • Possess at least three to five years of direct work experience in their respective professional fields within the sector
  • Be currently working in a NCSS member or MSF-funded organisation
  • Not be serving any current bond

Upon completion of the PDMP, awardees will be required to serve a two-year bond in their organisation. They will also need to conduct a sharing session within their organisation and submit a written report to their employer and the PDMP Secretariat.

Selection process   

Social service organisations may nominate eligible staff. Shortlisted candidates will be evaluated by the PDMP selection panel. Successful applicants will be notified of the outcome approximately two months after applications are closed. The decision of the panel is final.

How to apply

All applications must be submitted through nominating organisations to the following address:

Attn: June Soo, Manager
Social Service Leadership Unit
Human Capital Development Group
298 Tiong Bahru Road
#18-01 Central Plaza
Singapore 168730

Download PDMP Application Form here

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For enquiries, please contact:

Ms June Soo, Manager
Social Service Leadership Unit
Human Capital Development Group
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