Knowledge and experience are the key to growth

Posted date: 15-Jul-2019 05:08

Imra Binte Mohamed Noor

Senior Social Worker
Singapore Cancer Society


How do you impact lives as a social service leader?

I have been in the healthcare industry for more than 10 years, where I first started out as a Medical Social Worker. I found my job to be very meaningful as I could offer people comfort and support.
Since moving across to the social service sector under the Sun Ray scheme as a Senior Social Worker, I could contribute more by sharing my knowledge, skills and experience to benefit those in need. The scheme opens up ways for me to build a more meaningful relationship and stronger rapport with my clients. My current role enables me to provide support and platforms essential to enhancing the quality of life of those in need, in a community setting. I also advocate resilience for my clients to help them build up their confidence.

What made you go into social service and the Sun Ray career scheme?

Over 10 years in social work practice has led to greater expectations of myself. In my view, there should be a dynamic process of adapting to change in social service. There is a need to constantly improve systems and approaches to bridge the gaps for vulnerable groups, so that we are more prepared to effectively cater to the varying needs of the growing population. When I discussed this with a social service agency, they recommended the Sun Ray scheme to me. Upon some research, I was particularly attracted to the flexible leadership and career progression opportunities that the scheme offers in the ‘Practice’ track. The scheme also provides exposure to experience different social service agency settings and client groups.

What is your personal philosophy when it comes to social service?

It is vital to have compassion and understanding, and to not lose our empathy to be impactful in this field. This process of enabling change in the lives of others should be flexible and innovative. I believe that social service is a journey that no one should walk alone. By sharing and learning from various experiences among peers and fellow Sun Ray professionals, we can gather different perspectives and formulate creative approaches to problem-solving together. These foster innovation and form part of my personal approach to better people’s lives in my work.

What can someone look forward to in the Sun Ray career scheme?

The scheme’s work rotation system across various agencies enables social service professionals to gain invaluable exposure to different client groups and deepen their expertise in their respective fields.
Sun Ray works with me on a leadership pathway in my field through holistic development opportunities. If, like me, you aspire to do more for the sector and grow to become a leader, the scheme offers you the chance to do just that. It is never too late to apply.