Learn to embrace simplicity

Posted date: 08-Jan-2018 03:42
How do you impact lives as a social service leader?
I started out as a Senior Occupational Therapist to help people with stroke, amputations, traumatic brain injuries, and spinal cord injuries. After a few years of practice, I found myself wanting to do more in supporting the needs of the different client groups, especially people with disabilities who are facing challenges integrating into society and maximising their potential. I felt I wanted to extend and sustain my client-relationship journey on a larger scale.
This is where my Sun Ray experience began. I moved from a more clinical hands-on role as a therapist to a more managerial role. This new role enabled me to see a bigger picture, where I study our processes to see how to make improvements. My prior occupational experience helped immensely. Most recently, our team came up with a tool to assess the needs of persons with disabilities on multiple aspects of life and helped educate professional and local groups on this method of assessment. We’ll then use the information gathered to help improve the Quality of life for the differently-abled.
Being able to utilise knowledge from different spheres, working together in alignment with various professionals, and ultimately helping to create opportunities that benefit the community makes working in this sector particularly fulfilling and exciting.
What made you join the social service and the Sun Ray career scheme?
I discovered the Sun Ray career scheme through LinkedIn. What I found particularly attractive was how the focus on grooming and training within a community would hone me as an emerging leader, and how there were both practice-based and management tracks available for my career development. As someone already in healthcare and looking for new ways to contribute and advance, these offerings matched my career aspirations to a tee.
What is your personal philosophy when it comes to social service?
Learn to embrace simplicity, and have clarity of mind. It can be easy to get lost within the seemingly complex system of social service work, especially if one is early in the career journey. I overcame this by constantly reminding myself on why I want to reach out to the community in the first place. Subsequently, I began to learn to appreciate the process and momentum of my job as well as the guidance that I received from my mentors. It’s simple because doing good is not difficult at all.
What can someone look forward to in the Sun Ray career scheme?
I’d highly recommend the Sun Ray career scheme. Since I’ve been in the scheme, the exposure to leadership and sector-specific courses helped me gain an increased insight and macro perspective, which aided the way I lead and work with my team members. Such multi-layered opportunities would not be available without the combined support of AWWA and NCSS looking into my long-term development and career aspirations. Anyone in the Sun Ray scheme can also look forward to having a dedicated Talent Manager to help guide you, plan your career advancement, and point you to resources you can tap on.
Take a leap of faith, embrace the process, and get to learn more about yourself in this journey!