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We're a group of like-minded individuals, who share a vision of empowering everyone to live with dignity. Together, we make lives count as one Social Service Tribe with over 15,000 professionals and 450 agencies, serving in five key social service areas.
NCSS's role is in activating recruitment campaigns to educate and inform the public, so that they may choose a career in social service.

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Every day, social service professionals go to work not just to do our jobs, but to do good as well. By supporting others, we drive positive change and empower those in our community to lead their lives with dignity.
There are diverse career opportunities in the social service sector and the five key social service areas that we serve in: 
  • Disabilities & Special Needs
  • Children & Youth
  • Mental Health
  • Seniors
  • Families 
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We would suggest that you first gain social service exposure and experience through our internship and volunteer programmes. For more information on your next steps, click here.
You’re certainly welcome to join the social service sector. Social service isn’t only exclusive to those with relevant social service qualifications. Everybody has a part to play, such as in corporate functions, where there are a variety of job roles that you can consider. Click here to see more.
Yes, scholarships are available through NCSS for outstanding individuals with strong leadership qualities, as well as the interest and commitment to work in the social service sector.
Scholarships and awards are available to people new to the social service sector and social service professionals. Scholars must possess strong leadership qualities, as well as the interest and commitment to work in the social service sector.
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Person(s) shown in photographs on this website are actual social service professionals.
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