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Together, we make lives count
by Social Service Tribe
Published on 21/12/18
We may not always work in a typical office. Or even share the same workplace. But when you work towards a common cause, you won’t have to.
As social service professionals, we work every day to empower those in need, so they may lead lives with dignity.
We’re Social Workers and Physiotherapists. Occupational Therapists and Early Intervention Teachers. Programme Co-ordinators and Youth Workers. Special Education Teachers and Fundraisers. And many, many more.
No matter what our chosen path, it’s our privilege to make individual lives better in every way we can.
And when we stand as one, our combined strength can be felt by others in bigger ways.
Together, we are the Social Service Tribe.

Here, in the company of the like-minded, we can share our stories, journeys and emotions — and find others just like us. This way, we also inspire those who share our vision to join our cause.

In 2017, our Brand Activation Workshops saw member organisations come together as one Tribe, to recruit on a common platform.

Over 15,000 social service professionals have crossed paths in our Tribe. And in journeying together with others, we have found where we truly belong.
Together, we can make lives count. Click here to find out more about our Tribe.

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