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VCF Innovation & Productivity Pre-Scoped Grant for Volunteer Management

The Pre-Scoped Innovation & Productivity Grant aims to nurture a culture of continuous improvement and innovation in the sector. This grant supports SSAs to undertake productivity improvements on a smaller scale, including enhancing their volunteer management capabilities to better engage volunteers. The objective of the pre-scoped consultancy project for volunteer management includes but is not limited to:
  • Supporting the SSAs in implementing the Volunteer Management Framework (VMF) [4mb]
  • Mapping the community resources to support their long-term volunteer engagement plan
Click here to find out more about the VCF Innovation & Productivity Pre-scoped Grant application.

VCF Grants

There are various grants that SSAs can apply for. Examples of such grants include VCF IPG IT Adoption grant, and VCF IPG Pre-Scoped Consultancy. For more details on the various grants, please click here.

Share as One Grant

The SHARE as One matching grant enables your SSA to organise meaningful volunteer activities for corporates and to develop your volunteer management capabilities. For more information on Share as One Grant, please click here.

Our Singapore Fund

Our Singapore Fund supports meaningful projects that build national identity, or meet social and community needs. The Fund supports ideas that you are passionate about to bring our community together and promote our Singapore Spirit and shared values. For more information on Our Singapore Fund, please click here.


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