Resources for Volunteer Managers

The four pillars of Learn, Grow, Connect and Develop, each with a specific outcome, collectively contributes towards building an effective volunteer management system within the SSA.

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Our Journey With You details the resources and initiatives that support our SSAs in their volunteer management practices during the pandemic. We work alongside the SSAs and volunteer managers to effectively and sustainably harness skills, time and energy to make improvements and build a stronger and more resilient social service ecosystem.

We work closely with our SSAs to identify challenges, develop frameworks, tools and resources relevant to your agency at every stage of your journey. Find out more about the volunteer management resources below.

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Definition of Regular Volunteerism

To provide guidance on the commitment for regular volunteerism and based on consultations with social service agencies, NCSS defines engagement of at least 4 volunteering sessions in a year through any type of volunteering. This is also taking in consideration on the emergence of micro-volunteering and with volunteering activities pivoting to digital due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, individual agencies may define regular volunteerism differently and to their discretion.

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