Volunteer Management Network


Empowering the sector to reimagine volunteerism for sustainable partnerships (Jan 2021)

Enabling our social service agencies (SSAs) through insights into more sustainable and future-ready partnerships with your volunteers, stakeholders and community for greater collective impact.
14 January 2021: Creating Collective Impact with Your Stakeholders20 January 2021: Harnessing Strengths and Growing Assets Within the Community27 January 2021: Strengthening Volunteer Development and Evaluating Impact for Sustained Partnerships
Consider how your volunteer partners can work alongside your SSA to co-design and co-deliver programmes that would serve your service users beyond fulfilling just their current needs. Learn how you could build and leverage on longer-term partnerships to bring about deeper and greater impact to both your service users and partners.An SSA’s work is intertwined with the community it serves. By harnessing the strengths and assets of communities, it can deepen and sustain the work done. Our invited speakers will share their experiences on mapping and identifying communities of volunteers that would form assets for the SSAs.In most SSAs, volunteers are the backbone of the programmes and services. It is crucial to ensure that volunteers’ needs are met and understand how volunteering programmes have impacted the volunteers, service users and community positively.
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