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The grant is under the purview of VCF Innovation & Productivity Grant. For more information on VCF Grants, please visit their website

[UPDATE: There are new changes to the Claim Submission process of VCF Grants. Details can be found under Disbursement Procedures below.]

This grant supports social service agencies’ research that drive improvements in intervention strategy, service design and professional practice.  The types of research conducted can be (i) needs assessment, (ii) monitoring and evaluation, (iii) service development, and (iv) practice-based research. The research will then highlight opportunities to scale or introduce innovations across organisations in the sector.
The Innovation & Productivity Grant (IPG) supports research that drive improvements in intervention strategy, service design and professional practice. The types of research conducted can be:
  1. Needs Assessment – to identify needs and gaps of their sub-sector to pilot programme or review existing programmes.
  2. Monitoring and Evaluation – to evaluate how well a programme is being implemented to address any shortcomings in achieving desired outcome.
  3. Service Development – a systematic review of innovative service models to know ‘what works’ so as to improve existing services.
  4. Practice-Based Research – Examination and analysis of practice to identify best practices through evidence-based research to develop social service professional practice.
    The project needs to achieve the main key performance indicator (KPI) and the research recommendations needs to be shared with other social service agencies within 6 months after research completion.
  Refer to Annex A.
Application Criteria & Eligibility
  1. All NCSS member social service agencies or MSF-funded social service agencies can apply for the VCF grant.
  2. The projects must be one-off and non-recurring in nature.
  3. Funding will not be extended to projects that:
    • have already commenced, or
    • are receiving other sources of government funding, unless specifically allowed
  4. Projects can only commence upon VCF approval, unless specifically allowed by NCSS.
  5. Late applications will NOT be processed and also NOT be automatically moved to the next window.
  6. Incomplete applications will NOT be processed.
  7. Please note that approval of applications is on a first-come, first-served basis, subject to budget availability. 
Funding Quantum
 Number of applicant Funding Level Capped at
 1 social service agency Up to 80% of the approved project cost or actual expenditure, whichever is lower $100,000
 > 1 social service agency Up to 100% of the approved project cost or actual expenditure, whichever is lower $200,000
Disbursement Procedure


Disbursement Milestones Deliverables % of Funding to be Disbursed
Upon signing of Funding Agreement
  • A copy of signed agreement in soft copy
50% of approved quantum
Submission within 8 months after project completion
  • Project Evaluation Report, which includes a to-date evaluation of the project and achievement of KPIs
  • Research Report
  • Statement of Accounts signed by Chairperson, Treasurer and Executive Director, or equivalent
  • Claim form and invoices from vendor
  • Any other required materials
50% of the approved quantum or actual expenditure, upon satisfactory assessment of submission

These disbursement milestones and deliverables may be subject to changes within the context of each application submitted, upon assessment and review by the VCF Evaluation Panel and the VCF Secretariat.

We have made changes to the claim submission process and will no longer accept hard copy submissions. Please use the claim form provided for all claims, and send the completed form and supporting documents to the email contact indicated at the bottom of this page. Please email us to obtain a copy of the claim form if you do not have one.

Apply Now
Application Deadline
Click here to see application submission closing dates and VCF Evaluation Panel Meeting dates.
Application Procedures
  1. IPG projects typically require in-depth discussions between applicants and NCSS departments assessing the applications. Applicants interested in embarking on such projects are strongly encouraged to contact the VCF Secretariat early for preliminary discussions before submitting applications.
  2. The VCF Evaluation Panel meets once every two months. Please click on the VCF Evaluation Panel meetings for the submission deadlines.
  3. IPG applications submitted within the stated submission deadlines will be tabled at the corresponding Panel meeting dates as stated in the VCF Evaluation Panel meetings. Depending on the complexity of the project, completeness of the application submission, as well as the number of applications received during the specific submission window, applications may be moved to the following window.
  4. All applications should be submitted through the Funds Application System (FAS).
    1. Login to e-services (“Login as Corporate” on the left using your CorpPass to access FAS).
    2. Click on Funding Application.
    3. Click on New Application and select Funding Application Type: IPG- Research
    4. Fill up the Online application form.
    5. Upload the Supplementary Forms and other required documents.
    6. If an external consultant (from a Consultancy firm) is engaged, 3 comparable quotations/proposals (i.e. quotations/proposals should cover the same work scope) must be uploaded for projects that are above $6,000. Wherever possible, the social service agency should choose the choice that has the best value, and provide justification if it is not the lowest.
    7. Applicants are encouraged to seek advice on whether an ethics review by an independent Institutional Review Board (IRB) is required for their projects. AIC IRB and Parkway Pantai are examples of IRBs for the social service sector. If necessary, the cost for the ethics review can be included in the application.
  5. Applicant organisations are required to present their proposals to the VCF Evaluation Panel, unless informed otherwise by NCSS.
In view of the current COVID-19 situation, please access our e-services to minimise your time spent in public places. If you need to submit grant-related documents, please login to e-services (refer to Application Procedures above) or email/mail to the respective grant's contact person. Rest assured you will continue to receive quality service through our e-services.

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