VCF Professional Capability Grant - Overseas Training


The grant is under the purview of VCF Professional Capability Grant. For more information on VCF Grants, please visit their website.

[UPDATE: There are new changes to the Claim Submission process of VCF Grants. Details can be found under Disbursement Procedures below]

The grant supports overseas training programmes that are not readily available in Singapore, i.e.:
  • Short-term conferences and seminars,
  • Specialised certification courses, and
  • Study trips.

Items that can be considered for funding include: course fee, airfare, hotel accommodation, travel insurance, visa fee and expenditure on food and transport incurred during the supported duration.
Staff (NCSS Member VWO), Staff (MSF funded VWOs), Singaporean or Singapore PRsBoth
Application Criteria & Eligibility
  1. Only permanent staff (who are Singaporeans or PRs) of NCSS member social service agencies and Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF)-funded social service agencies can apply for the Professional Capability Grant (Overseas Training).
  2. Volunteers, Board Members, non-permanent staff, and holders of the Work Permit, S-Pass and Employment Pass are not eligible.
  3. Applicants must have been employed by the social service agency for at least one year at the point of application.
  4. To enable VCF to benefit as many social service agencies as possible, each social service agency can apply once in every two years. For social service agencies with multiple programmes, each programme can apply for one staff once in every two years and the staff must not have received the grant two years before start date of the training/conference.
  5. The training must be directly relevant to the job scope of applicants and of direct social service nature.
  6. Applicants must attend all sessions of the courses and pass all examinations (if applicable).
  7. Applicants must be prepared to share their learning with other social service agencies at platforms identified by NCSS upon return from their trips.
  8. Funding will not be extended to courses that:
    • Have already commenced
    • Include political or religious proselytisation
    • Are receiving other sources of Government funding unless specifically allowed
  9. Late applications will NOT be processed and also NOT be automatically moved to the next window.
  10. Incomplete applications will NOT be processed.
  11. Please note that approval of applications is on a first-come, first-served basis, subject to budget availability. 
Funding Quantum
Training Category Funding Level (capped at $20,000)
Specialised certification courses, short courses, conferences and seminars (without paper presentation) Up to 60% of the actual expenditure or the approved funding quantum, whichever is lower.
Conferences and seminars (with paper presentation) Up to 80% of the actual expenditure or the approved funding quantum, whichever is lower. The additional funding is given to encourage social service agencies to showcase their good work to the international community.

Disbursement Procedure
  • Funding is disbursed on reimbursement basis upon submission of claim. Social service agencies shall submit their reimbursement claims to VCF Secretariat within two months from the date of return from the overseas training. Claims submitted after the two-month deadline will not be reimbursed.

  • To effect the funding disbursement, social service agency must submit the reimbursement claim package*.

  • The package must include:

    1. Claim Form

    2. Receipts for course fee, airfare, hotel accommodation, travel insurance, visa fee and exchange rate incurred during the supported duration

    3. Proof of attendance

    4. Training evaluation form and post course evaluation form

    5. A report on the learning points from the training

    6. For applications approved support for 80% of the course, please also submit presentation slides and conference schedule that shows the name of the social service agency participant as presenter

*We have made changes to the claim submission process and will no longer accept hard copy submissions. Please use the claim form provided for all claims, and email the completed form and supporting documents to the relevant processing officer shown at the bottom of this page. You can obtain a copy of the claim form from the processing officer if you do not have one.

Apply Now
Application Deadline
Click here to see application submission closing dates and VCF Evaluation Panel Meeting dates.
Application Procedures
The application must be submitted to the VCF Secretariat at least 2 months before the VCF Evaluation Panel meetings

All applications must be submitted through the Fund Application System (FAS). Please log in to the e-Services using your CorpPass to access FAS.

Applications must be submitted according to the VCF Evaluation Panel meetings and submission deadlines.

Please select Funding Application type: PCG – Overseas Training FY17-FY21.
In view of the current COVID-19 situation, please access our e-services to minimise your time spent in public places. If you need to submit grant-related documents, please login to e-services (refer to Application Procedures above) or email/mail to the respective grant's contact person. Rest assured you will continue to receive quality service through our e-services.

Ms Judy Wee