Beyond COVID-19 Taskforce

NCSS set up the Beyond COVID-19 Taskforce, a Singapore Together Alliance for Action, in May 2020 to support the sector in responding to COVID-19, and propose directions and plans for a stronger social service sector in the longer term.

The Taskforce has published its recommendations for the social service sector to build resilience over the longer term, in a guide titled “Emerging Stronger Together – A Guide Beyond COVID-19”. The recommendations address four broad areas in advancing digital capabilities within the sector, advocating for person-centred services, growing manpower and volunteer management capabilities, and developing resilient organisations and leaders. COVID-19 has accelerated the pace of transformation across industries, and the social service sector must also continue to adapt and keep up with the changes. This will bring us closer to the vision of SSA 3.0 with SSAs that are driven by committed social service professionals, augmented by volunteers and enabled by technology so that we can better serve the needs of Singaporeans.


Click to view Emerging Stronger Together – A Guide Beyond COVID-19 [8 MB]

Emerging Stronger Together - A Guide Beyond COVID-19