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BTL Mental Health Songwriting Competition

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What Am I, If I Am Not by

23 September – 21 November

Songwriting 101: Express Your Mental Health Journey with Music by music industry hitmakers Martin Tang and Zac Zhang

26 Sep, Sun @ 5.15pm

#ifeelyoubro - Don't Suffer In Silence: Dialogue Session by Calm Collective

30 Sep, Thur @ 8.30pm (LIVE)

Youth Alliance Masterclasses for Youths, Parents, Caregivers and Educators/Helping Professionals

1) Date: 26 Sep, Sun @ 10.30am, 2pm and 4pm 2) Date: 1 Oct, Fri @ 4pm, 9pm 3) Date: 3 Oct, Sun @ 4pm

Be A Mental Health Champion : Dialogue Session by Shopee

12 Oct, Tue @ 6pm (LIVE)

Beyond the Screen: You(th) Perspective by Youth Corps Mental Health Cluster

25 Sep, Sat @ 2pm-5pm

Music Mirrors Me: A Lyrics Analysis Workshop by Association of Music Therapy (Singapore)

25 Sep, Sat @ 11am (LIVE)

Building Your Child’s Mental and Emotional Resilience : Dialogue Session

24 Sep, Fri @ 9pm (LIVE)

Rethinking Mental Health : Empowering you and your community by Limitless

23 Sep, Thurs @ 8pm

Workout Your Body and Mind: Conversations and workout session with Team Singapore athlete such as Nurul Suhaila and Sports Presenter and Mental Health Advocate John Yeong

18 Sep, Sat @ 10.30am (LIVE)

Mumtalk with Mum Space: Creating a Safe Space For Your Child’s Mental Health

17 Sep, Fri @ 9pm (LIVE)