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Help123 Cyber Wellness Community Support Platform 

Help123 is the first one-stop platform in Singapore that brings together the people, public and private (3P) sectors to address youth cyber wellness issues. youth, family members and educators can interact with trained counsellors through web chat, phone or email on their cyber concerns and be connected with appropriate support services. The Help123 portal also has more information on commonly-faced cyber issues, such as cyber bullying and excessive internet use.

An initiative of NCSS it is supported by Singtel as the strategic partner. Help123 was also made possible through the Care and Share matching grant. Fei Yue Community Servcies and TOUCH Community Services came on board as service providers and content developers. 

Why is there a need for Help123?

A steep rise in internet penetration rates and the use of smartphones and other digital devices has created significant benefits. But it has also resulted in new challenges concerning cyber wellness, especially cyberbullying and excessive internet use among children and youth.

Studies have shown that victims of cyberbullying and young pathological gamers have a greater likelihood of developing depression and anxiety and have poorer school grades. In particular, cyber victimisation can lead to poor school outcomes (such as grades, peer relationships, etc.) due to preoccupation of bullying experience, psychosocial problems such as depression, social anxiety and depreciated levels of self-esteem. As for youth at risk of excessive internet use, they have greater likelihood of developing negative outcomes such as anxiety, social phobia and poorer academic achievements.

Help123 addresses community needs by:
Providing one-stop information
  • Help123 is the first one-stop youth cyber wellness community platform in Singapore.
Providing option to seek help from counsellors   
  • Users of Help123 can opt for interactive help from counsellors via web-chat, phone or email. Likely users may include children or youth who are cyber-bullied, parents urgently looking for programmes addressing gaming addiction for their children or teachers looking for information on available community resources to address digital issues
‚Äč Providing referral to intervention
  • Counsellors manning Help123 will refer those who require further help to community support services for follow-up intervention, such as counselling and therapeutic support.
Facilitating better coordination among social service agencies
  • As a one-stop platform, Help123 is expected to be the first stop for users seeking help on cyber issues such as cyber bullying and addiction. If there are other concerns, users will also be referred to relevant help resources and support networks in the community. Such referrals will also allow social service agencies to focus their resources and effort more towards actual intervention and direct practice, rather than outreach activities.

What are the operating hours of Help123?

Help123 is available on weekdays, except public holidays. 
  How to access
   Web chat   
  (an integrated instant messaging function built into the website)
Hotline number:
  1800 6123 123