Tapping on the shared love and interest for reading, inclusive reading promotes greater participation of persons with special needs in the community, encourage greater interactions between persons with special needs and the wider public, as well as to foster better understanding and appreciation of the need for inclusion in Singapore.

Storytelling is a powerful way to teach children to share for and include those with different abilities.
An immersive storytelling session was organised to introduce children to stories featuring characters with special needs. Watch how the children responded.

Libraries are an integral part of every neighbourhood and community, where people go to read, to learn and to connect with like-minded people. Various initiatives at public libraries island-wide were introduced as part of inclusive reading.

Meet-the-Authors Session - “The Power of Stories”


Members of the public met authors, who are persons with special needs themselves or caregivers to persons with special needs. The authors shared their personal journey with inclusion and the inspiration behind their work, highlighting how stories and the art of storytelling can be a powerful catalyst for transforming lives and bridging the inclusion gap.

Immersive and Sensory Storytelling Sessions for Children


Incorporating musical storytelling, drawing and writing, Author Chen Wei Ting read special-needs-themed books, aimed at inculcating inclusivity in children. Through the sessions, children learn to recognise their abilities and to look past each other’s differences in a fun and interactive manner.

Let’s Chat@NLB Sessions


The Let’s Chat@NLB sessions offered members of the public the opportunity to meet and interact with persons with special needs, who are Inclusion Ambassadors from the Disabled People’s Association (DPA).