How do you interact with a person with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)?
Autism is a brain-based developmental disorder with no known cause or cure. It is a spectrum disorder, ranging from mild to moderate to severe.


We invited Faisal to be a guest barista to create Ren Ren Hao fruit tea. Learn how tointeract with persons with autism in this video.



Persons with autism may be uncomfortable with unfamiliar or crowded environments and express their frustration in the form of crying or throwing a tantrum. Autism is an invisible disability. When you see someone behaving this way, do not be quick to dismiss these signs of distress as behavioural problems. Let’s be more understanding of persons with autism and their caregivers.


Persons with autism may feel uncomfortable in crowded areas and unfamiliar situations. While some may exhibit behaviours like crying or throwing a tantrum as their way of expressing discomfort, they are not violent nor have uncontrollable behaviour. TIP: Move to a quiet place to communicate with persons with autism if they appear uncomfortable or show signs of distress.


A person with autism may have high academic functioning but face difficulties in social interaction. Others may have issues in communication and flexibility in thought.

Having autism doesn’t stop one from building meaningful friendships or contributing at work. Let’s be more inclusive.


A bit of patience goes a long way when interacting with persons with autism.


Persons with autism may have difficulty maintaining eye contact.


2 things to do when persons with autism lose focus

1. Give them a short break
2. Repeat what you were saying


3 traits of autism

1. Prefer routines
2. Have difficulty maintaining eye contact
3. Respond better to more direct communication


How do you interact with a person with Sensory Impairment?
Deafness is the partial or complete loss of hearing in one or both ears.

How to communicate with people who are deaf

1. Speak normally and clearly
2. Face us so we can see your lips when you talk
3. If we don't get what you said, try rephrasing it instead

Visual Impairment
Visual impairment is significant visual loss that cannot be corrected to a normal level by medication, operation or the use of optical lenses such as spectacles.

Assistive technologies such as the voice recording function, WhatsApp and assistive keyboards are available to aid communication for persons with visual impairment within the workplace and in their everyday life.


There are many activities that we can enjoy doing with persons with visual impairment. Let us involve them in sports or have a meal together.


Persons with disabilities have skills and abilities. Their approach to learning may be different, but this does not mean that they are incompetent. They are differently abled and can excel when given the right opportunities and training. Let us look beyond their disabilities and see them for who they truly are.

How do you interact with a person with Intellectual Disability?

Watch this video to learn how to interact with persons with intellectual disability.

Tips to communicate with persons with intellectual disability:

1. Speak directly to us
2. Give us more time to respond
3. Use objects, photos or pictures to explain


Tips to communicate with persons with intellectual disability:

1. Address us directly instead of conversing through our caregiver
2. Avoid talking down to us - regard us as equals
3. Adjust the way you communicate with us e.g: use simple words


Did you know? Persons with intellectual disability have an IQ of 70 and below. While they may take longer to learn new skills, it doesn't stop them from taking pride in their work!

How do you interact with a person with Physical Disability?

How you can help persons with physical disabilities?

1. Take note of how far we can reach for things
2. Ask for our permission before touching our mobility aids
3. Keep designated seats, toilets and parking lots available for us


With an increasing number of wheelchair-friendly places in Singapore, hanging out with a wheelchair user is easier than you think!

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