NCSS Organisation Development Transformation

The NCSS Organisation Development (OD) Transformation aims to improve the organisational health of social purpose entities to be effective in delivering quality, innovative and sustainable solutions. Through NCSS ODT, up to $4 million of Care & Share funds will be used to increase the capacity and capability of up to 20 social service agencies striving towards improved organisational processes and outcomes.

Agencies on the NCSS ODT will be supported over a 24-month journey spanning 3 phases:
Phase 1
Diagnosis (6 months):
A diagnosis of the current organisational state, using Enterprise Singapore's Business Excellence (BE) framework, and the development of a strategy plan;
Phase 2
Transformation (16 months):
Implementation of transformation initiatives in prioritised BE domain/s from the strategy plan;
Phase 3
Post-Transformation Assessment (2 months):
An assessment of the organisations' state after the transformation, using Enterprise Singapore's BE framework.
Agencies will be selected by a Committee on the basis of their aspirations and plans for transformation in the area of OD, recent and existing OD initiatives, criticality and impact of services. Finally, leadership commitment to OD transformation, in the form of buy-in of key management and the Board, will be a vital factor in the selection of agencies.

Each agency will be supported for up to $200,000 for this transformation journey, making up 90% of the total cost. Agencies will co-pay 10% of all expenses of the 3 phases, estimated at up to $22,000. The funding will be disbursed on a grant model.

Agencies will commence the NCSS ODT between July 2019 and Mar 2021. In the first 6 months, agencies will work alongside a consultant selected by NCSS to establish current organisational state, based on the 7 domains of the BE framework. Findings from this diagnostic will feed into a strategy plan, co-crafted by the agency and the consultant. This strategy plan will be a roadmap for the agency, identifying areas from within the BE framework for the agency to work on. Through a Logic Model and Theory of Change, the agencies will then propose initiatives to work on the prioritised areas over the next 16 months of the Transformation Phase. This must include, but need not be limited to, the manpower support for the implementation of the NCSS ODT. Finally, the post-transformation assessment phase will provide an articulation of the change in the affected domain areas.

Selected agencies will be expected to provide manpower support to the implementation of the NCSS ODT. In addition, they will take on opportunities to share their experiences and best practices with the social service sector as ambassadors and champions of OD. They will also provide regular reports (including audited statements) to NCSS.
The grant call is now closed.

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