About Social Service Sector Strategic Thrusts (4ST)

The Social Service Sector Strategic Thrusts (4ST) is a five-year roadmap for the sector, co-developed by NCSS with stakeholders in the social service ecosystem – member organisations, service users, government, community, business leaders and civic-minded individuals. It is guided by a person-centred and holistic approach towards advancing the Quality of Life for individuals. The roadmap was developed so that the sector remains relevant and responsive to future challenges and changing needs of the population.
The 4ST calls for active participation and collaboration so that everyone in the ecosystem plays a part to achieve a shared vision, where every person is empowered to live with dignity in a caring and inclusive society. Stakeholders in the social service ecosystem can contribute through these three thrusts:

1. Empowered individuals, their families and communities
2. Effective social purpose entities that deliver quality, innovative and sustainable solutions
3. Caring, collaborative and impactful social service ecosystem