Social Service Connect 2024

NCSS Social Service Connect 2024

NCSS Annual General Meeting 2024

Introductory videos of nominees for Board Term 2024 to 2026

(A) For Vice President Position

2 Nominees

(A1) Mr Lee Kian Soon

Nominating Organisation: ALLKIN Singapore Ltd
Seconding Organisation: SPD

(A2) Clinical Associate Professor Kevin Lim

Nominating Organisation: Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore
Seconding Organisation: Singapore Association for Mental Health

(B) For Board Member Positions Representing Full Council Members

13 Nominees

(B1) Mr Gabriel Khoo

Nominating Organisation: Boys’ Town
Seconding Organisation: St. Gabriel’s Foundation

(B2) Ms Yap Su-Yin

Nominating Organisation: Brahm Centre
Seconding Organisation: Shared Services for Charities Ltd

(B3) Ms Shahrany Hassan

Nominating Organisation: Casa Raudha
Seconding Organisation: New Hope Community Services

(B4) Mr Vincent Lim

Nominating Organisation: HCSA Community Services
Seconding Organisation: Methodist Welfare Services

(B5) Mr Muhammad Azri Bin Azman

Nominating Organisation: Muhammadiyah Welfare Home
Seconding Organisation: Malay Youth Literary Association (4PM)

(B6) Mr Lawrence Ang

Nominating Organisation: National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre
Seconding Organisation: Alive Community Network

(B7) Professor Kenneth Poon

Nominating Organisation: Rainbow Centre, Singapore
Seconding Organisation: SPD

(B8) Mr Wan Chee Foong

Nominating Organisation: SHINE Children and Youth Services
Seconding Organisation: Fei Yue Community Services

(B9) Associate Professor Lim Lee Ching

Nominating Organisation: Singapore Children’s Society
Seconding Organisation: Singapore After-Care Association

(B10) Dr Teo-Koh Sock Miang

Nominating Organisation: Singapore Disability Sports Council
Seconding Organisation: APSN Education Services Ltd

(B11) Ms Ong Toon Hui

Nominating Organisation: SPD
Seconding Organisation: Allkin Singapore Ltd

(B12) Mr Dileep Nair

Organisation: Sree Narayana Mission (Singapore)
Seconding Organisation: Muslim Missionary Society Singapore (Jamiyah Singapore)

(B13) Mr Eric Tseng

Nominating Organisation: The Singapore Association for the Deaf
Seconding Organisation: Singapore Association of The Visually Handicapped

(C) For Board Member Positions Representing Associate Council Members

2 Nominees

(C1) Mr Raja Mohamad

Nominating Organisation: Singapore Kadayanallur Muslim League
Seconding Organisation: The Kamala Club, Singapore

(C2) Dr Lee Kwok Cheong

Nominating Organisation: The TENG Company Ltd
Seconding Organisation: Arts House Ltd