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Brave New Work: How to Reinvent Your Organisation



Organisations of almost every shape and size are realising the power and potential of new ways of working. They aspire to increase speed, adaptability, trust, transparency, and empowerment, but to do so requires rewiring decades of habit and tradition. Not surprisingly, a linear and top-down change management process no longer works (if indeed it ever did). The new world of work calls for a novel approach to change. In this talk, Mr Dignan shares what he and The Ready have learned on the front lines of culture change inside some of the largest institutions in the world. Leaders on the path to a better way of working will leave with a new model that draws on agile, lean, and design thinking principles – resulting in continuous participatory change.

Photo of Mr Aaron DignanKeynote Speaker: Mr Aaron Dignan

As the founder of The Ready, a global organisational transformation and coaching practice, and Murmur, a platform that helps teams create, test, share, and uphold ways of working that define their culture and process – Mr Aaron Dignan helps companies large and small adopt new forms of self-organisation and dynamic teaming. Clients include Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, Airbnb, New York Public Radio, and charity: water. Mr Dignan is the author of Brave New Work (Portfolio 2019) and co-host of the Brave New Work podcast. He’s also a co-founder of, as well as an angel investor who builds partnerships between the startups and end-ups he advises.
Photo of Mr Martin TanModerator: Mr Martin Tan 

Mr Martin Tan is the CEO of The Majurity Trust, a philanthropic organisation that works with donors and charities to build a thriving and sustainable community for all in Singapore. Mr Tan currently serves on the Board of the National Council of Social Service, as well as Halogen Foundation Singapore, a charity which he co-founded in 2003. He was formerly Executive Director of Institute for Societal Leadership at Singapore Management University and also served on the Boards of National Youth Council, National Library Board and National Family Council. Mr Tan works with leaders in the public, private and people sector in over 14 countries including Afghanistan, Bhutan, China, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, United Kingdom and the United States. For his contributions, Mr Tan was awarded The Outstanding Young Person Award in 2008; inducted as Asia 21 Fellow in 2011; conferred the Singapore Youth Award in 2013; and appointed Global Council Member of Asia Society in 2019.
Photo of Ms Hazlina Abdul HalimDiscussant: Ms Hazlina Abdul Halim

Ms Hazlina Abdul Halim spent fifteen years in journalism and the media before making a career switch to public affairs. She began serving on non-profit boards almost a decade ago and is currently the President of PPIS (Singapore Muslim Women’s Association) – dedicated to inspiring women and strengthening families. Through our 16 centres, PPIS provides a holistic support in the areas of fostering, strengthening marriages and remarriages, divorce support, family therapy, preschool and student care. PPIS is also researching on Muslim women's aspirations and regularly engages women to better understand their needs. Aside from PPIS, she is also a Director at Yayasan Mendaki and the Singapore Business Federation Foundation. She formerly served as Vice President of the Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations (SCWO).
Photo of Mr Vincent Ng

Discussant: Dr Vincent Ng

As the Chief Executive Officer of AMKFSC Community Services, Dr Vincent Ng has transformed the organisation into a multi-service agency that enhances and enriches the lives of vulnerable children, youths, families and seniors through a holistic range of services across multiple touchpoints in Singapore. Under his leadership, AMKFSC Community Services has successfully developed innovative programmes that serve the increasingly complex needs of our community. Dr Ng holds a PhD in Social Work from the National University of Singapore and was a recipient of the Outstanding Social Worker Award in 2017.


Keynote Title:

Hacking the Social Service Ecosystem



The most obvious and important realities are often the hardest to see. Progress isn’t just about closing a gap; it’s finding the courage to open new doors. And adversity can spark clarity and catalyse reform, countering the unrelenting forces of entropy. Mr Lee will reflect on these personal lessons and more, learned over the unreal past year. Get a glimpse of his playbook for hacking philanthropy, professional practices, and paradigms in the social service.

Photo of Mr Lee Poh WahKeynote Speaker: Mr Lee Poh Wah

Mr Lee Poh Wah is the CEO of Lien Foundation where he developed the grant-making approach of Radical Philanthropy. Prioritising risk-taking and relationships with partners over theories of change and KPIs, the Foundation is recognised as a first-mover driving improvements in early childhood development and eldercare. Over the years, some of the Foundation’s pilot projects were mainstreamed while others failed spectacularly, providing humus for future shoots and lessons in fool-lanthropy. Mr Lee believes in enlisting the unquiet intellect of designers, scientists, technologists and artists to create new solutions for the social sector.
Photo of Mr Christian ChaoFacilitator: Mr Christian Chao

Mr Christian Chao is the Senior Director (Corporate Development and Operations) at Care Corner Singapore Ltd, a non-profit, social and health care services provider. Founded in 1981, Care Corner operates from 38 service points across Singapore, providing a continuum of care to those in need across their life stages and transitions. This includes helping children from disadvantaged backgrounds, youths at risk, troubled families, vulnerable seniors, and individuals with mental health needs. Prior to Care Corner, he held positions as Senior Vice President (Strategic HR) at United Overseas Bank and Director (Institute of Leadership and Organisation Development) at Civil Service College. He graduated with an Engineering Degree and later switched to behavioural sciences by completing a Masters of Science in Organisation Development.