Covid-19 solutions are possible technologies collated mainly based on the technological needs surfaced by the Social Service Agencies (SSAs), and on-going feedback from other programme types. This list serves as a guide, and eligible SSAs can consider other technology/vendor beyond this list so long as it can improve your staff’s or agency’s productivity.

This listing is not to be taken as a form of endorsement or recommendation by NCSS. SSAs are reminded to carry out their due diligence when engaging the respective vendor. All prices stated are indicative only. For accurate costing, please contact the vendor for quotations.

Some of these solutions are Green Lane solutions, where there are no pre-approved vendors and SSAs are advised to assess and shortlist their preferred vendor. As this is funded by Start Digital. Only 1 quotation is needed.

icon Centre Management System

icon Data Analytics Tool

icon Learning Management System (LMS)

icon Remote Working (IP Telephony and Virtual Meeting Solution)

icon Remote Working (Laptops and Tablets)

icon Security Assessment Services for Solutions

icon Security Controls & Operations Advisory Services for Solutions

icon Security Testing Tool for Applications, Systems & Networks

icon Source Code Review Tool

icon Teleconsultation (Video)

icon Video Analytics for Crowd Management

icon Remote Working (Online Collaboration and Livestreaming Tools)

icon Visitor Management (Queue Management)

icon Visitor Management (Temperature Screening Solution)