Remote Working (Virtual Meeting Solution)

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M1 Net LimitedCOVID-19 Support: M1 Cisco WebexCisco Webex provides for Video Conferencing and Webinars where users can participate in the virtual meetings, and engage in chats and polls via web browsers, desktop clients or Mobile app. Meetings can be recorded, edited and playback. Webex is starting trials in Mar 2020 to use AI to provide for a digital in-meeting assistant that handles transcripts, note taking and highlights, freeing the participants to fully focus on the meeting. The software also has the capability to detect background noise and automatically suppress noises such as typing, knocking, sirens, and dog barks.$420/

Singapore Telecommunications Limited (Singtel)COVID-19 Support: Singtel BizConferenceSingtel BizConference (powered by Zoom) is a business video conferencing service that enables productive and impactful virtual meetings. Powered by Zoom, it combines innovative cloud and video conferencing technologies, offering an intuitive and versatile solution. It is cloud-hosted with worldwide coverage for consistently excellent business meetings experience via desktop and mobile devices over the Internet.For


Tel: 1800-763-1111

Remote Working (IP Telephony Solution)

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Remote Working (NEW)*Internet Protocol (IP) TelephonyAn internet phone system where staff/ volunteers can manage calls via their laptops and computers. 

The system offers mobility to staff/ volunteers and provides visibility on calls received, call routing, call backs etc.

*IP Telephony has no pre-approved vendors. SSAs are advised to assess and shortlist their preferred vendor. As this is funded by Start Digital, only 1 quotation is required for submission.

For any enquiries, please contact for assistance.