Our Initiatives Tech-And-GO! Funding & Support Charities - Application and Disbursement

How to apply & Disbursement of funds

Application: Go Digital, Technical Advisory and Project Consultancy

Who is eligible?

Registered Charity and Institution of a Public Character (IPC) from Arts and Heritage, Community, Education, Health, Sports and Other Sectors can apply for Go Digital.

Note: Childcare centre programmes run by Charities should tap on the Early Childhood Digitalisation Grant (ECDG) via Business Grants Portal (BGP) for tech subsidises. Tech-and-GO! funds Charities for HQ and non-childcare centre programmes. 

For consultancy services, childcare centre programmes may apply.

Application criteria:

1. Projects are required to have clear outcomes in productivity and user/staff satisfaction.

2. Applicants should have available resources (e.g. manpower) to support the implementation of the selected solution.

3. Projects should have the potential to scale and ease of adoption (for pre-scoped solutions).

4. Projects must align to sectoral plans, if available.

Other Digitalisation Resources

For more information on VWOs-Charities Capability Fund, please refer to the Charity Portal.

TNG_Charities_Application Steps

Grant Subsidy and Disbursement

Participating charities shall fulfil the relevant disbursement requirements and/or submit claims to NCSS according to the grant disbursement milestones stipulated in the funding agreement.

TNG_Charities_Grant Subsidy and Disbursement