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Consultancy Subsidy for Charities

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Technical Advisory (TA)

TA aims to support Charities in the analysis and identification of suitable IT solutions. Charities are eligible for one fully funded TA slot.

NCSS will fund additional TA slots at up to 80% capped at $40,000 with funding paid directly to the appointed consultant.

Project Consultancy

Project Consultancy covers Digital Implementation Consultancy (DIC) and Digital Strategy Planning (DSP):


  • DIC aims to support Charities in the implementation of large-scale IT projects
  • DSP aims to support Charities in the analysis, identification and prioritisation of IT Solutions


Subsidy for DIC and DSP is provided at up to 80%, capped at $40,000 for each consultancy type. Funding is provided directly to the pre-appointed consultants.


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