National Council of Social Service is the key Strategic Partner of Tote Board in the Tote Board Non-Profit Sector Transformation Initiative (TB-NTI) - Organisation Development Programme (OD). This programme aims to strengthen agency capability in 10 non-profit organisations (NPOs), including social service agencies, to transform them into more effective agencies better placed to achieve their mission towards their service users. For this programme, Tote Board has established a $10 million grant to support NPOs from the Social Services, Community, Sports, Arts and Health sectors, over the next 5 years.

Selected agencies would be supported on the following transformation journey:
  1. A diagnosis of the current organisational state, based on Enterprise Singapore’s Business Excellence (BE) framework;
  2. Development of a clear strategy plan and transformation roadmap for up to the next 3 years, based on the results of the BE diagnosis;
  3. Post-implementation diagnosis of the NPOs’ organisational state, again using Enterprise Singapore’s BE framework.

Agency Eligibility and Selection
The 10 selected agencies will be highly committed to pursue excellence and continuous improvement, and aspire towards organisational transformation through a holistic approach towards Organisational Development (OD). They will be selected over the period of 5 years, on a rolling enrolment basis, with the first open grant call from 8 Nov 2018 to 7 Jan 2019.
This selection will be done by a cross-sector selection committee, made up of senior representatives from the Social, Community, Health and Education sectors. Agencies will be evaluated on key selection criteria, namely:
  • Transformation Plans – Aspirations and future plans for transformation in the area of OD;
  • Current Use – Existing OD initiatives embarked upon by the organisation to transform itself;
  • Leadership Commitment – Buy-in of Key Management and Board in the OD transformation process and journey; and
  • Criticality and Impact of Services – Criticality and impact of the NPO’s services and programmes to the wider sector and society.

Programme Support
It is estimated that each NPO will require a total transformation budget of $1m over 3 years. Of which, Tote Board would fund up to 90% of the expenditure for each NPO, at up to $0.9m; while the NPO co-funds the remaining 10% (estimated at $0.1m)[1].
Upon selection, agencies will go through an initial diagnosis of the organisational state using the Business Excellence framework, with the guidance of a consultant.  Following this, agencies will develop a strategy plan and a transformation roadmap for up to the next 3 years, based on the results of the BE diagnosis. This roadmap will focus on OD-related initiatives, with some emphasis on Human Capital Development efforts. Financial and operational prudence is expected from agencies, with a focus on long-term sustainability beyond the 3 years of the project.

How to Apply
Application is now closed.

Please refer to our FAQs for a list of commonly-asked questions on the TB-NTI: OD programme.
Contact Us
For enquiries, please contact Ms Sidrah Ahmad
Email: sidrah_ahmad@ncss.gov.sg

[1] Tote Board will allow NPOs to tap on other sources of funding (e.g. Care and Share Matching Grant) to cover the balance 10% share as long as the NPO reports the sources of funding used.