Dr Fan Kam Tong, Gilbert

05 Oct 2020
Dr Gilbert Fan, RSW, FAPA is a Clinical Supervisor (Satir), Fellow of the American Psychotherapy Association (USA) Registered Social Worker & Member of the International Workgroup of Death, Dying & Bereavement.

Gilbert holds a professional doctorate in Social Work & Futures Studies. He has extensive experience as a medical social worker, having worked in both general and tertiary hospitals with a short teaching stint at the Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) lecturing in the Behavioural Sciences.

He continues to teach in various capacities in social work and counselling programmes at both local and foreign universities. He was an Adjunct Senior Lecturer with the Department of Social Work, NUS (2015-2017, Honorary Senior Lecturer with the Department of Social Work & Social Administration, HKU (2014-2017), Lecturer (Part-time) with The Chinese University of Hong Kong (2017 to present). He has been appointed as Master Practice Leader by the Ministry of Social & Family Development in 2015-2020 and Fellow of the Social Service Institute.

Gilbert is currently the Co-Chair for Volunteer Engagement, HR Counsellor & Trainer (Employee Relations), Human Resource and Advisor & Master MSW to the Department of Psychosocial Oncology, National Cancer Centre Singapore. His clinical interest is in griefwork and bereavement, experiential counselling and groupwork, particularly in the application of experiential counselling of patients with advanced cancers. His research interests include the study of coping behaviours, meaning-making and intervention models in cancer care.