Igniting Aspirations to Lead

04 Dec 2020
Heng Jee Tai, Jeremy
Clinical Psychologist
Singapore Children's Society
Social service scholar joining Sun Ray

I think the beauty of the Sun Ray scheme is that it recognises and values the idea that leadership and professional development in the social service sector has to occur hand-in-hand; and that leadership can be nurtured in various ways. As a Clinical Psychologist by training, Sun Ray provides me with the option of pursuing vocation development in the Practice or Organisational/Management tracks, each with its own career pathways.
It is also possible to switch tracks throughout my career development, where appropriate. It is heartening to be able to focus on honing my clinical competencies as a direct practitioner, so that I can both better serve the clients, and also work towards making more impactful contributions through clinical supervisory roles and capability building of psychological services in the sector in the years to come.
In the past two years, Sun Ray has contributed to my growth as a professional and leader in three tangible ways. Firstly, I am assigned a mentor—a sector leader of similar profession with vast amounts of experience—to initiate my leadership development with practical knowledge and support. Secondly, the Sun Ray management team at NCSS employs well-conceived leadership competency frameworks to provide specific, constructive feedback to shape my development as a young professional. And finally, I have had opportunities to participate in training programmes and regular platforms to link up with and learn from peers from various professions, sectors, and stages of career development. In its entirety, being in Sun Ray has encouraged me to consider issues from sectoral and cross-sectoral viewpoints, and be sensitive to trends, gaps, and areas for progress.
If you have the heart to serve and plan on staying in the social sector for the long haul, join the Sun Ray scheme. The Sun Ray community is vibrant and advocates for social impact across all segments of the society through a multitude of diverse vocations.