Mr Sinha Satyabrata Shekhar

30 Sep 2020
Shekhar is the Director of Allied Health at Ang Mo Kio – Thye Hua Kwan Hospital Singapore. Shekhar graduated from the University of Bombay in 1989, and has worked extensively in the social service and healthcare sectors in Singapore. A speech and language therapist by training, Shekhar has served at NCSS in the area of policy formulation, development of new services, and programme audits for compliance to approved standards. 
He has a reputation for helping programmes to excel by re-engineering, re-organising, appropriately staffing, applying new technology and new service models for growth and sustainability in the new eco-system. A champion of persons with disabilities and the elderly, Shekhar is dedicated and a passionate professional with a keen interest in strategic planning, enhancing service quality, and training.  etc. Shekhar is highly skilled in coaching, motivating, and training others to grow professionally and equally adept in relationship building and strategic partnerships.
Shekhar received several honours and awards throughout his career such as Most Outstanding Contributors award (REACH) from Prime Minister in 2010; and led winning teams at the Singapore Health Service Quality Awards over the years. 
His career has been dedicated to creating high quality, reliable systems of care and developing next generation of Allied Health staff to lead in these ever-changing times.